In June of 2004 I was at a crossroads. I was about to graduate from Stanford with an engineering degree and had yet to secure a job. I had managed, however, to save nearly $10,000 from playing poker – most of it stuffed into a shoebox under my bed. Now, faced with option of applying to sit in a cubicle or taking a shot at playing poker professionally during the biggest boom in history, I packed up my car and began the drive to Las Vegas.

That experience set the stage for a career that’s always involved gambling in some form. First as a poker pro, now as an entrepreneur and business owner. In between I enjoyed stints as an engineer, bartender, teacher, and sales rep. While the image of a poker-playing salesman didn’t do me any favors when I first met my wife, what I’ve learned from those experiences has been instrumental to my success in my career, for my health, and yes – in my marriage. I recently started my advisory firm, G2M, to help other entrepreneurs leverage what I’ve learned to develop the strategies, processes, talent, and positioning required to create a successful go-to-market engine.

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Greg McBeth